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Good Standing Policy

Studying Requirements

  • Attendance

  • Tuition Fees paid before deadline

  • Complete assigned works on time

  • Pass the examinations for all subjects

  • Pass the make-up examination (ONE make-up examination for each failed subject)


  • Pass the examinations and assessments of all the subjects

  • Fulfill all the requirements of the college

  • Graduation certificate will be issued

Course Fees Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner / Acupuncturist Training Courses Tuition Fee: Based on the lecture hours for the selected subject, CAD$20/lecture hours Registration Fee: CAD$100 / person Examination Fee: 100元 CAD$100 / subject Reference Book Fee: Students prepare their own copy, charge will be applied for making copies. One copy of the course certificate and transcript will be provide to the students who pass the examinations of the course. CAD$50 will be charged for an additional copy. Fee for Practical Instruction and Clinical Internship : Fee will be charged according to the number of hours of the teaching time or clinical training time

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