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Tutorial Class for Pan-Canadian Exam


        This Tutorial Class carefully selects key diseases to provide targeted exam coaching, including analysis of key points of disease differentiation, test-taking skills training and simulated case training. It is led by professional senior teachers and is taught in Chinese and English, which can quickly improve the efficiency of exam preparation. Comprehensively improve the test-taking ability. The pass rate of previous participants has reached more than 90%. Candidates who have completed Chinese medicine or acupuncture courses are recommended to participate.  

        Through the study of this course, candidates can quickly grasp key knowledge and comprehensively improve their test-taking abilities, which will help them successfully pass the Pan-Canadian Examinations and obtain R.TCMP (Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner) and R.Ac (Registered Acupuncturist) qualifications. Seats are limited, so register as soon as possible! 

        The course is 95 hours long, including review method guidance, key point analysis, example explanations, 8 mock exams and comments, and Q&A. The content is systematic and comprehensive, close to reality. Students who sign up for the tutoring class will receive free computer question bank training opportunities once a week to improve their test-taking abilities. It is absolutely worth it! 

        Carefully crafted by the Royal North American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, confidence guaranteed! 

        Contact number: (647) 887-6623, Teacher Zhu (WeChat ID: zhush185, please scan the QR code at the bottom right to add) 

        Welcome to call or WeChat for details.

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