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Computer Question Bank Training

        In order to facilitate students to learn Chinese medicine and prepare for the Ontario Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncture Examination, our school has launched a computer question bank examination system with the following features:

        (1) Comprehensive content: including basics of traditional Chinese medicine, basics of acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, internal and external traditional Chinese medicine, gynecological and pediatric orthopedics, anatomy, Western medicine diagnosis and clinical basics, as well as safety, regulations, etc., covering all key points of the exam syllabus.

        (2) Large amount of questions and rich content: more than 10,000 practice questions, supporting both Chinese and English, covering the key points of knowledge in all examination subjects. The question types are close to those of the Ontario Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncture Examination, including multiple-choice questions, Multiple choice questions, true/false questions, sorting questions, case analysis questions, etc.

        (3) Rigorous design and powerful functions: Provide single-subject exercises and mock exams, as well as simulated Ontario Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncture Practitioners Examination MCQ and CCQ mock exams. The exam time and difficulty are close to each other. Results will be automatically issued after the exam. Provides a test paper review function (including answers and explanations) to facilitate students to discover weak points in knowledge and improve upon it.

        The question bank examination system has been highly praised by students since its launch. It is a powerful assistant for studying Chinese medicine and preparing for exams.

       Note The question bank system is currently only available for field use in our school and is not open to the Internet for the time being.

        For details, please contact us.

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