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2023-Dec-21 The auxiliary role of the question bank system in the examinations of TCMP and Acupuncturists

Teacher Su Dachao gave a detailed introduction to the design, development, and use of our school’s computer question bank examination system and its auxiliary role in the Ontario TCMP and Acupuncturist Examination. The following is the recording (Mandarine) and lecture notes (Simplified Chinese). Welcome to listen and consult.

2023-Dec-6 Comparison of choosing Chinese or English in exams for Ontario TCMP and Acupuncturist

Teacher Cao Weifeng from our school made an in-depth analysis of the differences between Chinese and English languages used in the Ontario TCMP and Acupuncturist Examination, and gave detailed answers to relevant questions, providing very useful information for students preparing for the exam, and received an enthusiastic response. The following is the recording(mandarine) and speech transcript(Simplified Chinese).

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