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Choose the major of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture,

Create a bright future!

Our school’s excellent teaching quality and high exam passing rate is your guarantee of confidence!

Enrollment spaces are limited, please contact us.


【Top】 Clinical Skills Course is now open for enrollment! 

        Carefully crafted under the guidance of famous teachers! 

        The Royal North American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine has carefully designed the "Clinical Skills Course" based on the clinical competency requirements for registered Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists in Ontario. This course is a course that integrates theoretical knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with clinical practice. It carefully selects commonly used clinical skills for training, including diagnostic technology training, acupuncture point selection and acupuncture operation, massage technology training, and diagnostic and treatment thinking training in various clinical subjects of traditional Chinese medicine. . Lectured by professional senior teachers, the course is taught in Chinese and is suitable for students of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in schools and registered traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncturists.

        The teachers in this tutoring class are all graduates of famous Chinese medicine universities in China, with a master's degree or above, and rich clinical and teaching experience. Their teaching quality is guaranteed and they have a good reputation. Through the study of this course, students can quickly combine theoretical knowledge with clinical practice and comprehensively improve the clinical level of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Seats are limited, so register as soon as possible!

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【New Class】 Notice: Opening of new online courses on TCMP / Acupuncturist in the spring of 2024
        The Ontario TCM Physician and Acupuncturist Licensing Examination can be taken in English or Chinese. Our school has Chinese courses, welcome to apply!
        Our school’s new online classes in the spring of 2024 will start on January 18, 2024. Classes will be held every Monday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning, using remote video teaching (subject examinations, clinical skills classes and pr
e-examination tutoring, Must attend class). ​
        This course covers the professional knowledge required by Pan-Canadian Standard for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists: Entry-Level Occupational Competency, including basics of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture skills, clinical subjects, basics of Western medicine, regulations and safety, etc. This course is taught by senior teachers. It explains the profound things in simple terms, progresses step by step, is easy to understand, and combines theory and practice. Learners who complete this course and pass the exam will receive a diploma and transcript awarded by our hospital, and can participate in the Pan-Canadian Examinations.
        Those who participate in the above courses can participate in weekly question bank training and the Ontario Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncture Examination Tutoring Class for free to improve their exam-taking abilities. It is absolutely worth it!
        Our school has good teaching quality and a high exam passing rate. Class seats are limited, so register as soon as possible!

【Good News】 Congratulations to the students who participated in our school’s 2023 autumn pre-examination tutoring class for achieving a high passing rate of 93%! We wish them continued efforts and greater brilliance on the road of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

【Latest News】 In Ontario 2024, the date for the Practitioners Examination will be April 4th and 5th, and the date for the Acupuncturists Examination will be April 24 and April 25. Our school's pre-examination tutoring classes will start on January 4, 2024 and has now been accepted for registration.


【Introduction to pre-examination tutoring classes】

        Our school's pre-examination tutoring classes are carefully arranged according to the content and requirements of the "Canada-wide Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Entrance Examination" and are delivered by professional senior teachers. They systematically summarize knowledge, sort out the context of test points, teach test-taking experience and skills, and cooperate with question bank system training and mock exams. and comments, which can quickly improve the efficiency of test preparation and comprehensively improve test-taking abilities. The pass rate of previous participants is over 90%. It is recommended for candidates who have completed Chinese medicine or acupuncture courses to participate.

        Students who participate in the pre-exam tutoring class will receive free computer question bank training opportunities once a week, which is absolutely great value! !

        Carefully crafted by the Royal North American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, confidence guaranteed!

        Contact number: (647) 887-6623, Teacher Zhu (WeChat ID: zhush185, you can scan the QR code at the bottom right to add)

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【Good News】 Our school’s computer question bank examination system is open for use

        In order to facilitate students to learn Chinese medicine and prepare for the Ontario Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist Examination (computer-based examination), our school has launched a computer question bank examination system. The system has rich and comprehensive content, a large number of questions, rigorous design, powerful functions, and bilingual support in Chinese and English, making it easier for students to consolidate knowledge, discover weak points, and improve test-taking abilities. The system has been well received since its launch and is a powerful assistant for studying Chinese medicine and preparing for exams.

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【Big Good News】 Starting in October 2022, Ontario CentralPhysicians and acupuncture practitioners can choose to take the Chinese exam! Our school offers classes in Chinese, allowing you to learn authentic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Welcome to apply!

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